A professional event photographer

As a professional event photographer, I love to capture your event in the most flattering way possible. Organising an event takes a lot of your time and effort. After all that work, of course you would like to show the world how amazing your event was. The images will be great for guests to look back on a successful event. Of course, you can also use them as an advertising opportunity for your company or your next event.

Evenementen fotograaf tijdens Business Boost Bootcamp van Veronique Prins in Hotel De Heerlickheijd van Ermelo
Eventfotograaf tijdens het Yes You Can Event van Veronique Prins in Slot Zeist

The vibe of your event captured in images

Event photography is more than just ”taking a few photos”. It’s important to create a stunning summary of the day. The vibe, the location and the experience of the guests need to play a major role in this. The challenge is to capture the highlights of the event at the perfect moment. As a professional event photographer, that’s exactly my field of expertise.

Events to hire an event photographer for

Evenementen fotograaf tijdens 10-jarig jubileum van Argus & Anthos in Burger's Zoo Arnhem

Why choose an experienced event photographer?


Guests receive a beautiful summary to look back on the event.


Photos are suitable for promotion of your company or next event.


I'll make sure my presence is noticed as little as possible.


Photos will be delivered soon after the event via a download link in the mail.


Clear pricing agreements to prevent surprises after your event.

''Kevin succeeds to make me smile every time when looking back at my own photos, which not many photographers were able to do. During the event, he's nearly invisible which is a great compliment. The photos are always delivered quickly, he knows how it works.''

Eventfotograaf voor Veronique Prins, ondernemerscoach van Je Zaak Voor Elkaar

Business coach

''Great photographer, Kevin moves silently and almost invisibly through the space and, without you noticing, captures you exactly at your most advantageous and most striking moment. I have quite a view on photography, have already tried several photographers, Kevin is great!''​''

Eventfotograaf voor Thijs van Halewijn, online marketing & business coach

Online marketing & business coach


Let's capture your event!


Let's capture your event!


The process - Before the event

A good beginning makes a good ending. That is why we discuss in advance what you want to achieve with the images of the event. Then I can take this into account during the shoot.

If available, I would like to receive a detailed programme so I will have a clear idea of what will happen during the event. This way I can always capture the important moments well.

In addition, I always make sure to be extra early to explore the location and discuss any final details.

Evenementen fotograaf tijdens Business Boost Bootcamp van Veronique Prins in Hotel De Heerlickheijd van Ermelo
Evenementen fotograaf tijdens het Slim Schalen Business Event van Thijs Halewijn op Kasteel De Haar

The process - During the event

To capture the atmosphere, it’s important that visitors to the event feel at ease. That’s why I act unobtrusively as a photographer and observe the space, the visitors and the program. This way I know how to capture the most spontaneous moments with my camera. The most beautiful images are created without anyone having to pose for it!

The process - After the event

When the event is over, of course you want to see the photos as quickly as possible and share them with your audience. Nowadays, images are indispensable for reliving memories and sharing experiences. The social media we use for this simply demand speed and quality. That’s why I always make sure I deliver the selected and optimized images quickly. This way the photos can be shared quickly and the visitors can enjoy the event once more!

Event fotograaf tijdens het Yes You Can Event van Veronique Prins in Slot Zeist

Let's capture your event!


See below for more of my event photography portfolio!


Let's capture your event!