Upgrade your team's image with professional headshots

Potential customers usually get the first impression of your business online. Headshots of employees are often taken quickly with a mobile phone, but that does not give your companyt a look you should want. Good portraits of your team exude unity, confidence and above all, professionalism. These photos can be used, for example, for the ‘about us’ page on the website, on LinkedIn, to introduce employees on social media and for other promotional material.

Everyone at ease

Having your headshot taken can be stressful for some colleagues. That’s why I try to make everyone feel as comfortable as I can and they spend as little time in front of the camera as possible. This is how you look most natural in your headshots. A nice bonus is that they spend very little time taking the picture and can quickly resume work.

In addition, the headshots can be viewed instantly. A new photo could be made so everyone can be happy with their new profile picture.

The headshot process and finishing touch

You will receive information in advance to ensure that the photo shoot runs smoothly. I will also send a pdf with tips to send to the colleagues to be photographed, so they are well prepared to take a good headshot that fits the company.

I am happy to come to your location and set up a mobile photo studio there. Preferably in a separate room because many people feel uncomfortable when colleagues are watching them. You can see this in the photos and of course we want to avoid that. The images can be viewed instantly. A new one could be made so everyone can be happy with their new profile picture.

You can choose from a light or dark background in a studio setting, or a beautiful background on location.

In post-processing I make sure that all photos are optimized for brightness, color and contrast. I will of course remove any (temporary) imperfections or stray hairs from the headshots.

Why choose Kevin Knipping Photography


Your colleagues deserve a good headshot that matches your company.


Photos can be used on the website, LinkedIn and for other purposes.​

Be at ease

Taking a picture is not that stressful. I would like you to experience that.


Headshots are quickly delivered via a download link in your e-mail.​


Clear pricing agreements to prevent surprises after the shoot.


Let's capture your headshots!


See below for more of my headshot portfolio!


Let's capture your headshots!