About me

Portret van eventfotograaf Kevin Knipping

The vibe at your event
Everywhere people come together, a unique atmosphere is created that gives the event its identity. As an event photographer I think it’s important to capture that atmosphere, whether it’s a corporate or private event. It’s fun for visitors to see the photos afterwards and to relive the feeling of that moment, and for you as an organizer it’s great to be able to display the atmosphere of your event in your promotional material.

Spontaneous moments
To capture the atmosphere, it’s important that visitors to the event feel at ease. That’s why I act unobtrusively as a photographer and observe the space, the visitors and the program. This way I know how to capture the most spontaneous moments with my camera. Often the most beautiful images are created without anyone having to pose for it!

Fast delivery
When the event is over, of course you want to see the photos as quickly as possible and share them with your audience. Nowadays, images are indispensable for reliving memories and sharing experiences. The social media we use for this simply demand speed and quality. That’s why I always make sure I deliver the selected and optimized images quickly. This way, visitors and organizers can reminisce of the event for a while! Any adjustments, prints or additional edits are always possible in consultation.

For my 13th birthday my grandfather gifted me my first camera and I started photographing enthusiastically. First mostly as a theater photographer. I love the energy that’s released there on stage and in the audience. I was also able to challenge myself there to work with tricky lighting and movement. Later on I also started to work as a concert photographer, which is where my passion for music and photography came together. I decided to make photography my full time profession and studied at the University of Applied Photography, where I graduated in 2017.

At the theater shows and concerts I discovered that I enjoyed not to direct people, but to capture things that are already happening. That’s why I still prefer to photograph events as an event photographer. The atmosphere that arises when people come together fascinates me and I put that at the center of my work. In addition to music, I enjoy traveling and discovering new cultures. Although I’m based in the Netherlands, I am available for assignments worldwide.